Slim the Chemist - Perspective EP (Limited Edition Cassette)

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Limited run of 70 cassettes. 100 Akres will stock 15 only.
Professionally duplicated cassettes 
Professionally printed j-cards (double sided) 
Runtime: 17 Minutes Per Side (C34 cassette) 



A cassette release in collaboration with The Find Mag. Following Slim's 2017 release, the tape version of the Perspective EP includes a bonus of 7 B-sides to make your face scrunch up.

"The idea of the project was to capture different life moments through samples I found in various periods in time", says Slim. "That's where the name comes from... creating perspectives on certain life moments through layering rare samples to new compositions and different kind of vibes." 

01.Flora 01:13
02.Beat47 01:14
03.Perspective 04:07
04.Fly [with Frank] 01:07
05.Matress 02:11
06.This That 02:38
07. Zimmer 2:01
08.Outro |OGChrist 00:57

09.Open Up 01:30
10.Silver [with FX] 03:19
11.Fire 03:32
12.Cards |Dr.Phil 03:05
13.Pinkmoney |RFC 02:20
14.Pocket 02:52