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Phil Hanson

Phil Hanson - Thoughts in B Flat Minor

Phil Hanson - Thoughts in B Flat Minor

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Trumpet Player Phil Hanson and 100 Akres bring you ‘Thoughts in B Flat Minor’, a collection of 15 original lazy, dusty Jazz Trumpet samples for you to enjoy in your own music production.

Phil plays a Cannonball Bavarian Lion Trumpet and uses the Bb-minor Bebop Jazz scale (C Minor Bebop for Trumpet) in all of these samples.

- 15 trumpet licks (key and bpm labeled)
- Compatible with all samplers and DAWs that accept WAV files - 24 bit / 48 kHz
- Master clearance guaranteed

*NOTE: Only the trumpet part in the 'sampler beat' was taken from the 'Thoughts in B Minor Flat' sample pack
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