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Dirty Arse Drum Hits vol 1.5

Dirty Arse Drum Hits vol 1.5

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We're not in the business of recycling sounds from sample packs found around the internet. We're also not in the business of providing you with a folder of 1000's of drum sounds to sort through. We use the highest quality modern and vintage drums, microphones and preamps, creating a unique sound that is reminiscent of the classic drum sounds of the 1960’s and 1970’s, whilst keeping the big bottom end of the modern era.



  • Over 100 Drum Hits in 16 bit WAV format
  • Bonus folder containing all of the drum hits ran through a HHB tube preamp to cassette
  • Drum kit mic’d with a Coles 4038 ribbon mic and mixed through a EQP-1A for a warm vintage sound
  • Compatible with all major software DAWs including; Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Propellerheads Reason, etc.
  • Compatible with all hardware samplers that accept 16 bit WAV files; Akai MPC samplers, Roland MV8000, Yamaha samplers, etc.

Recording Chain:

  • Coles 4038 ribbon mic
  • API preamp
  • RME converters
  • Cartec Audio EQP-1A
  • HHB Radius 50 Tube Mic Preamp*
  • Denon Cassette Deck*

*processing used for drums in the tape folder

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