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Wilson Smith

Hitman Drum Breaks v001

Hitman Drum Breaks v001

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Recorded at The Lullabye Factory in Amsterdam, NL.

Hitman Drum Breaks is the first in a series of drum breaks performed by talented drummers handpicked and curated by the 100 Akres team.

v001 features Wilson Smith providing funk and soul breaks for you to chop, re-arrange, pitch down and smack around (that rhymed) in your favorite sampler. Also, you'll get dry stems of each break for you to mix and process on your own if you're into that sort of thing.

We also processed each drum break through several vintage samplers with the help of Bullyfinger. That means you'll find additional files with the specified sampler output for each drum break and drum kit sample. Options yo.

    Analog Recording Chain Includes:

    • EMT140 Plate Reverb
    • D&R Orion Studio Console
    • Ampex MM1000 Tape Machine
    • Vintage Sampling courtesy of Bullyfinger:
      • Akai S950 (12-bit)
      • OTO Biscuit (8-bit)


    • WAV 16 bit/44.1k file format
    • 8 x drum breaks performed by Wilson Smith
    • Multi-track of each drum break;
      • Soyuz SU-023 Mic (Kick)
      • SM58 (Kick)
      • Overhead Left Mic
      • Overhead Right Mic
      • Room Mic
      • SM57 (Snare)
    • 1 Drum Kit (12 x one-shots)


    File Size:
    Zipped - 111.7 MB
    Unzipped - 142.4 MB

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