Timmy Rickard - Dirty Arse Drum Bundle

Timmy Rickard - Dirty Arse Drum Bundle

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Grab all of Timmy Rickard's drum breaks and sounds (3.2 GB) at 50% off compared to when you buy all 12 packs separately at regular price.

Does Not include Intra-Soul'ar Series


The Dirty Arse Drum Bundle includes all of Timmy's Drum Break sample packs:


  • .WAV 24 bit/96k & 16 bit/44.1k file formats
  • 12 drum break sample packs
  • performed and engineered by Timmy Rickard
  • Several breaks bullied through an Akai S-950 courtesy of Bully Finger
  • Size: 2.7 GB zipped / 3.2 GB unzipped

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