Hitman Drum Breaks v001 Sample Pack Released

Hitman Drum Breaks v001 Sample Pack Released

Recorded at The Lullabye Factory in Amsterdam, NL.

This spot is easily one of my favorite studios to work out of to date. Their setup is fully analog (they even have a rotary dial telephone) with the final output being a bounce to an Ampex MM1000 2" Tape Machine for added fatness.

Hitman Drum Breaks is the first in a series of drum breaks that I will be recording. The idea is to handpick talented musicians and deliver quality sample packs that sound nothing like what's currently in your sound library.

Wilson Smith leads the pack as the musician in focus for volume 001. With his background in Rock, these uptempo breaks are unique in that they cross over multiple genres and can be used in many different situations based on how you sample them.

We also ran the drums through a few vintage samplers if you want some added crunch in your life. Pick from an Akai S950 (12 bit) or an OTO Biscuit (8 bit) depending on the type of dirt you're into. No judgement here.



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