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  • Phil Hanson - Thoughts in B Flat Minor Interview

    In usual 100 Akres fashion, I decided to dig a bit deeper into the mind of the France based Trumpeter by asking some off-colour questions. His answers didn't disappoint...

  • Going Modular with Corry Banks Interview

    #Modbap. Ever heard of it? I hadn't before coming across Corry Bank's profile. Corry is the originator of this new sub-genre as a result of his experiments a few years ago in modular synthesis with Boom Bap. 

  • Neal H. Pogue - Life's Paths and Mixing Travels

    Engineers tend to remind me of the bass player of the band. They're usually laid back with a sense of control and calmness. Most importantly, they're usually not too cocky...usually. Such is the case with engineer/producer Neal H. Pogue.


Drum Break Sample Pack v001: Episode 3 (7/8 Timing)


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